Solar energy as Force Protection

The installation of solar power plants on military bases minimizes the vulnerability of personnel, facilities, materiel, operations and activities from threats and hazards resulting in the preservation of freedom of action and operational effectiveness thereby contributing to mission success.

Fuel convoys are frequent targets of IEDs and diesel generators are therefore a liability under siege. By implementing solar power on the bases the fuel consumption and therefore the need of logistic convoys (including fuel) would be reduced by 2/3 which would mitigate the risk from attacks against personnel transporting and guarding the convoys and make the power grids of the bases more resilient. An infantry company is needed to guard and protect a logistic convoy in high threat areas. By installing solar power we would not only save 2/3 of the lives of the soldiers getting killed yearly from attacks on convoys by e.g. IEDs but you would also get a tactical advantage by releasing resources to other assignments instead of guarding convoys and thereby improving stability and security in the mission area. This would heighten the overall success rate of the mission.


100% Free, Safe & Sustainable Energy

ROI in 5-7 years, after which you will have full ownership of the solar power plant.

tactical advantages

-due to less personnel and materiel needed to protect fuel convoys, which can instead be allocated to other tasks.

Saving the lives of personnel

-by reducing the risk of attacks (e.g. IEDs and ambushes) by 2/3 on logistic convoys.

improved energy resilience

-of military bases in the events of cyberattacks, natural catastrophes, disrupted fuel supply lines and sieges.

Flexible solutions with a positive impact


 We offer flexible solutions and our goal as an organization is to have a positive impact on our surroundings. An example of this is that instead shipping empty containers used to contain our components back home we see it as a better solution to recycle and transform our containers into micro off-grid solar energy storage systems with the capacity of supplying 200 households pr. container ( or a FOB) in e.g. the Sahel region with sustainable solar energy 24/7. The micro off-grid systems will be adapted to the needs of the local communities (e.g. installed with mobile masts, freezers, water cleaning devices etc).

By installing mobile masts and water pumps on micro off-grid systems in e.g. the Sahel area we could improve the water, electricity and communication/internet access to schools accelerating inclusive education on all levels from basic skills in reading and math to university levels resulting in economic growth and local solutions to global problems.

Access to electricity could empower local communities by the possibility of creating local cooperatives working together in the refinement of e.g. farming products making it possible to export to the global markets. The Danish welfare state was built on farmer and fisher cooperatives

Our partner WattsUp Power’s advanced energy storage solution

  • The flywheel technology offers long operation and service lifetime, and low maintenance costs.
  • Our flywheel has a life cycle of 20 years and can be recycled 100%.
  • Our Flywheel does not consist of any chemicals or substances nor is it flamable or explosive, which makes it suitable in high-risk environments
  • Our flywheel is a 100% clean and green solution, perfectly adapted to storing alternative energy.